Postes au NCRR Democracy - Suisse

The NCCR Democracy is seeking to appoint

*2 Postdoctoral researchers,*

*13 Ph.D. students and*

*1 scientific assistant*

to start on 1 October 2009.

Job descriptions outlining the research orientations, qualifications required and application details, can be downloaded from the NCCR Democracy website The deadline for applications is *15 May 2009*.

NCCR Democracy is a Swiss national research centre, working on the challenges to democracy in the 21st century, and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the University of Zurich. Launched in 2005, NCCR Democracy represents an unprecedented disciplinary alliance in Europe between political science and media and communication science. Managed from the University of Zurich, the network comprises 14 partner institutions in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

The centre’s research focuses on two global trends that pose significant challenges to the ways that democracies have traditionally operated: globalization / de-nationalization and the growing influence of the media on politics (mediatization). The research program examines how these two trends jeopardize or reinforce democracy. NCCR Democracy provides a structured doctoral program promoting scientific excellence, independence and interdisciplinarity.

Please forward this message to people who might be interested.

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